StepOut is the international internship program of Interact (Evangeliska Frikyrkan). Through the program, Interact wants to help young people to gain a greater understanding of the world we live in, as well as different conditions people live under. We want to strengthen interest in mission work and what it practically involves. Furthermore, we want to increase knowledge about Interact and its partner organizations.

Our hope is that the program will contribute to building bridges between people and cultures. We believe that the interaction with other cultures and religions increases the intern’s competence to live in the Swedish multicultural society. Furthermore, we hope that the experience will influence the choice of education and profession for several of the interns.

Our purpose is also that the knowledge and experiences the interns gain will be brought back to their local churches in Sweden and be an inspiration for an increased commitment to international mission.

Finally, our purpose with the program is also to strengthen the bond between Interact and its partners, and to contribute to the strengthening of the partners’ capacity.

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