Time Frame

The StepOut program is open for applications once a year, with March 1st as the application deadline. The standard period for arrival in the hosting country is August/September. A normal internship period lasts 4-9 months (4 is minimum).

Standard time frame of the StepOut program:

Mar 1st: Intern application deadline.

Mar-May: Recruitment and placement period.

May: StepOut training course

Jun-Jul: Interns’ own preparations

Aug-Sep: Standard period for departure

Jan-Apr: Standard homecoming period

May 1st: Deadline for invitations letter from hosting organisations for next year.

Length of Period Abroad

StepOut send young people out for periods between 4 and 12 months. In certain special cases, the period has been extended to more than 12 months. This may be done only after contacting and coming to an agreement with the administrators in Sweden and the receiving project. (If the volunteer extends his/her period in the receiving project to more than 12 months, it is the sole responsibility of the volunteer. StepOut will not be responsible for any period abroad longer than 12 months.)