Preparation and Follow-Up

Before leaving, all trainees must attend a preparatory course.This includes questions such as mission and development aid, cultural understanding, health, facts about the countries, practical issues concerning the trip etc. Before departure, we encourage the trainee to read about the country he or she is going to visit. An important part of the preparation is give new trainees the opportunity of meeting trainees who have recently returned home. In connection with the preparatory course, a homecoming reunion is arranged. During the reunion, the trainee is given an opportunity to share his/her feelings and experiences with others who have recently returned home. InterAct also make sure that practical advice and suggestions are given to encourage further commitment and show what can be done at home.

After returning home, an evaluation form is sent to the trainee. This evaluation will then be the basis for a homecoming talk. The StepOut Administrator is responsible for these talks. If it turns out that more talks are necessary, this will be decided upon after consulting the Admission Committee as to how this should be done. After the homecoming, a longer report is written and given to the Administrator. The type of report required depends on what support and scholarships the trainee has received.